The great and mysterious Captain of the SS Narwhal. Cap'n Funk infamous throughout the seas of Alridia for his pilfering and piracy, also his kidnapping and plunder is mentioned in many tales.

Identifying Features Edit

Cap'n Funk is well known for his large, well-built frame with sandy blonde hair. He has long hair, usually worn in a ponytail, he has a ragged beard and a scar that stretches down the right side of his face. But if you notice the facial features of the Cap'n, it's probably already too late.

Early Life Edit

Nothing is known about the birthplace of the Cap'n but he was washed up on the shores of Narus as a young baby. He was taken in by kindly fisher folk who raised him and nurtured him until he turned 16. On his 16th name day, James discovered the origin of his arrival in Narus. This led to a murderous rampage in which he killed the couple that raised him, set fire to half the village and stole the largest fishing boat in the village.

And so began the piracy of Captain James Booker Funk...

Assembling the Crew Edit

Gothilf and the SS Narwhal Edit

After his escape from Narus, James Funk sailed across the central sea to the large trading port of Kolata. Funk met a notorius smuggler named Gothilf Sunderland in a small, skanky bar located next to the docks. They shared a few pints of ale before making a very drunken decision. They took up arms with 15 other drunken sailors and stormed the docks.

They boarded a ship belonging to the Imperial Navy (SS Orca) and killed the light crew that were on board. James took the helm and Gothilf took a place beside him. They renamed the ship the SS Narwhal due to the large steel ram that almost weighed down the front of the ship. This was the start of the infamous friendship between Funk and Sunderland.

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