Gothilf is first mate on the SS Narwhal and the oldest, most trusted friend of Captain JB Funk. He exceptional at hand to hand combat and is a skilled marksman.

Identifying Features Edit

Gothilf is a stocky, muscular man who stands just over 6 foot. He tends to have a shaved head but grows his hair occasionally. When he does have hair, it is usually dyed bright green.

Early Life Edit

Gothilf was born and raised in Kolata by a rather wealthy, lower noble family. His teenage years were spent in bar fights and passed out in the gutter. Late in his teens, Gothilf took to smuggling goods up and down the Inner Eastern Shore for shady employers. This is where Gothilf gained an immense strength and a great knowledge of the oceans.

Gothilf met a young man by the name of James Funk in a bar near the docks. Through drunken minds, they decided to form a crew and take to the open oceans to find adventure. They hijacked a ship with some drunken friends and so began the tales of First Mate Gothilf.

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