Leslie Smut has an unknown relationship with Captain Funk. Some say they are a long time married but others say she is merely a paramour of the great captain. All that is known is that she was a prostitute with her sister, Roona Smut, before becoming part of the crew of the SS Narwhal.

Identifying Features Edit

Leslie Smut is a lady of great beauty, she is tall and strong with long hair worn in a range of different styles. She is most well known for dying her hair a variety of different colours including purple, red and green.

Early Life Edit

Leslie was born in Scamporo. Her parents were both killed by Eastern forces during the War of the Central Sea. After this, she moved out onto the street and lived off scraps with her sister until they were taken in by a local brothel. The sisters were raised as the treasures of the brothel and were saved for the nobler folk. Leslie took over the brothel after the previous owner was found strangled in the local fish monger. Leslie transformed the building from a brothel into an inn. The establishment thrived under the new management.

One eventful day, a few men came into the inn seeking a bed and meal. On first glance, Leslie fell deeply in love with the man and pledged herself to him that night. The next day, Leslie and Roona set sail with Captain JB Funk and the crew of the SS Narwhal on the search for new adventure.

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