Welcome to the Funk Chronicles WikiEdit

This is the wiki that shares the story of the great Captain JB Funk, his crew and his adventures! The stories of the SS Narwhal!


The immortal Captain JB Funk is the captain of the greatest ship that's ever sailed the ocean, the SS Narwhal. Crewed by "professional" men and women from across the world, the pirate reign of Captain JB Funk is renown across the lands...

Things Edit

Notable Places Edit

  • Alridia
    • Comasor (Capital City)
    • Warom (Head of the East)
    • Norum (Head of the West)
    • Narus
    • Kolata
    • Scamporo
  • Ineda
    • Foeri (Capital City)
    • Voila (Pirate Capital of the World)
  • Amoera

Crew of the SS Narwhal Edit

Latest activityEdit

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